I am Steven Perez From Louisiana, US. I have done jobs related to home appliance specially for kitchen applience. Even I have done some freelance kitchen renewal projects. I love to cook too.

The amazing thing is I have some friends those also are cook freeking.

So, actually we’re a group of friends who love to cook and we love decorating kitchens. We’ve been experimenting in the kitchen for years, and we’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way. We wanted to start sharing our knowledge with others, so we created this site.

We hope you find our tips helpful and that they help you create or renovate your kitchen with your dream and enjoy delicious meals for your family and friends.

We are not only on this website but also we are on big social media. You can follow us on social media too, because sometimes we share some innovative and money saving ideas share on social media.

And, of course visit our youtube channel. We share home and kitchen related helpful and entertaining long videos and shorts. You will must enjoy this.

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