Alison Victoria: Expert Tips for Finding the Perfect Kitchen Range Hood

For fans of HGTV’s City Rehab with Alison Victoria, the cabinet designer and renovation expert is no stranger. Fans of her show have seen Victoria transform numerous Windy City homes from the ground up. Fortunately, those looking to renovate their own home don’t have to go it alone – Victoria has plenty of advice for finding the perfect range hood for any kitchen transformation.

Alison Victoria is a celebrated designer, host of HGTV’s City Rehab and Windy City Rehab, and an expert in kitchen renovation. With her knowledge and experience, Victoria is well-versed in the importance of finding the perfect range hood for your cabinet. In this article, I will share Victoria’s tips on how to make sure you select the right one for your own renovation.

Range Hood’s Definition & Purpose according to Expert Alison Victoria

A range hood is an important kitchen appliance and a trend in kitchen design with the latest technologies. According to home renovation expert Alison Victoria, a range hood is essential for both functionality and decorative use. It not only keeps your kitchen clean by trapping grease, smoke and odors, but also adds a stylish touch of antique-inspired elements when installed correctly.

Victoria suggests customizing the range hood to fit your individual needs – taking into account how much ventilation you need, how high it should be mounted and even which type of material works best with the rest of your kitchen’s décor. She insists that this extra step is important for ensuring maximum efficiency from your range hood.

What style of range hood should be?

What style of range hood should be?
What style of range hood should be –

When it comes to range hoods, Alison knows exactly what style will give your kitchen the perfect touch. Here are her top tips for selecting the ideal range hood that complements your overall décor! When considering a range hood, think about its finish and how it complements the existing architectural elements in your home. According to Victoria, “a stainless steel range hood with clean lines can add an edgy modern flair to any room.

For more classic or traditional kitchens I recommend going with a wood-finished range hood that complements other wood tones in your kitchen. A range hood with a beautiful wood finish is elegant and timeless and can complement any type of kitchen.

What is Alison’s color choice for a range hood?

Alison's color choice for a range hood 2
Alison’s color choice for a range hood 2 –

The interior designer and host of HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab” recently opened up about what color she suggests for a kitchen range hood — and it’s one you might not expect.

Victoria says that brass finishes are making a comeback in home decor, especially with regard to statement pieces like kitchen range hoods.

“I love the look of brass because I think it makes a space look really modern, but still has that classic feel,” she said. “It looks great against any kind of hardwood flooring or cabinets I design — whether they are dark or light hues. It gives off an air of sophistication without being too flashy.

But I have seen In some shows and articles even on Alison’s Facebook page that she used copper range hoods in the kitchen decorated mostly with hardwood. So, it can be said that she prefers copper range hoods too.

He also has a special weakness for black. He has done various kitchens in Chicago in black color combinations and the black range hoods of those kitchens also fit very well. You can found if you check out the references that I have given below.

What size requirements does Alison suggest for a range hood?

When it comes to design tips for range hoods, Alison has the inside scoop. She suggests that homeowners should choose a range hood that fits both the ceiling and the finish of their kitchen. The size should be proportional to the architecture of the room or other appliances in order to maintain a balanced design.

For example, if large appliances are present in the kitchen, such as an oven and refrigerator, then larger range hoods will create harmony.

For smaller kitchens where space is limited, a sleek, finished model can fit perfectly above your cooking area while still providing adequate ventilation. Alison recommends selecting one with bright lighting and a fan that is powerful enough to keep smoke out of your living space but not too loud when running at full speed.

If you have a small kitchen with a big stove then you should take a range hood that matches your range.

What should be the Power & Ventilation Options?

Victoria recommends looking at how much air exchange in cubic feet per minute (CFM) is required to effectively ventilate your kitchen space.

She notes that the higher the CFM rating of your range hood, the better its ability to draw out smoke and odors from cooking. It’s also important to think about how powerful you want your range hood fan motor to be; too weak a motor can mean inadequate ventilation while too powerful will result in excessive noise levels.

What does Star Alison Victoria say about budget considerations for stove hoods?

Alison, an experienced kitchen designer, has a wealth of knowledge and advice when it comes to budget considerations for range hoods. She believes that when buying a range hood, it’s important to focus on the features you need and the price range you can afford. “I always like to remind people that they don’t have to break the bank in order to get quality,” Alison says.

At the same time, Alison emphasizes that cost should not be your only consideration.

“Make sure you’re getting a range hood with good ventilation capabilities,” she advises. A good-quality model will provide better performance and last longer than one purchased on the cheap – saving money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Alison recommends doing research and considering all factors before committing to any purchase decision.


Alison Victoria is a leading expert in kitchen design and her tips for finding the perfect kitchen range hood are invaluable. Whether your style leans towards modern or traditional, there’s something for everyone.

Her advice on considering your space and budget, researching the features offered, and understanding the types of range hoods is sure to help you make an informed decision that will bring your kitchen to life. With Alison’s helpful guidance, you can find a range hood that will not only look beautiful but perform well too.


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