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Are you tired of your old microwave hood and wondering if you can replace it with a range hood? Well, the good news is that you absolutely can! Swapping out your over-the-range microwave for a stylish and functional kitchen hood is a great way to upgrade your kitchen space.

Not only will a range hood provide superior ventilation, but it will also add a touch of elegance to your cooking area. So say goodbye to that outdated appliance and hello to a sleek and efficient range hood that will transform your kitchen into the culinary haven of your dreams!

How important it is to vent your kitchen?

How important it is to vent your kitchen?

Venting your kitchen is essential for maintaining good air quality and a healthy environment in your home. When cooking, especially with high heat or strong odors, fumes and particles can be released into the air. Without proper ventilation, these pollutants linger in your kitchen, making the air stale and unpleasant to breathe.

By installing a vent that exhausts outside your home, you can effectively remove these harmful substances from your kitchen. A hood that vents outside not only clears the air but also helps to prevent moisture buildup which can lead to mold growth.

Plus, a well-ventilated kitchen reduces the risk of respiratory issues caused by breathing in pollutants like carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Differences between range hood and microwave vent hood?

Range hoods and microwave kitchen hoods may appear similar at first, but they serve different purposes in your kitchen. While both are designed to remove smoke, steam, and odors from the air, there are key differences you need to know.

Firstly, a range hood is a standalone appliance installed above your cooktop or stove. It’s specifically designed for ventilation and comes in various styles like wall-mounted or under-cabinet.

On the other hand, a microwave kitchen hood combines the functions of a microwave with a built-in ventilation system located at the top of the microwave.

The primary advantage of using a kitchen hood is its superior ventilation capacity. With larger sizes and more powerful fans, kitchen hoods can effectively remove cooking pollutants from your kitchen.

In contrast, while convenient and space-saving, microwave kitchen hoods have limited ventilation capabilities due to their smaller size and lower-powered fans. Therefore, if you frequently engage in heavy-duty cooking or require better air circulation in your kitchen, opting for a separate range hood might be more advantageous.

When it comes to deciding between a range hood and microwave kitchen hood consider your cooking needs and kitchen layout. If you prioritize powerful ventilation and have ample space available, investing in an independent range hood could provide better performance.

Can I replace over-the-range microwave with a range hood for ventilation?

If you’re considering a kitchen makeover and want to upgrade your cooking experience, installing a new kitchen hood is a great option. But what if you already have a microwave hood? Can I remove the microwave hood with a range hood? The short answer is yes!

A microwave hood combines the functionality of both a microwave and a ventilation system above your stove.

However, if you prefer to have more powerful venting capabilities or if you have switched to cooking on a gas range, installing a dedicated vent hood might be the right choice for you. With its higher airflow capacity, a vent hood can effectively remove smoke, odors, and excess heat from your kitchen.

Replacing your existing microwave hood with a new kitchen hood is usually straightforward. Most manufacturers offer compatible kits that allow for easy installation in the same space as your old appliance.

Keep in mind that removing the countertop microwave may leave some visible marks or holes on the wall above your stove. However, these can easily be patched up or covered during the installation process.

Replacing your microwave hood with a new kitchen hood is definitely possible and can greatly enhance your cooking experience.

Reasons to remove an over-the-range microwave with a new range hood

Reasons to remove an over-the-range microwave with a new range hood

Look, you can’t cook with a kitchen hood, which you can with a microwave. But a range hood is best for venting your kitchen air. Where a microwave with range hood is not primarily made for venting the kitchen air. So, when it a matter of venting kitchen air, it is best to use range hood always.

There are some reasons to replace a otr microwave:

  1. More Efficient Ventilation: While over-the-range microwaves do come with built-in ventilation, they are not as effective at removing smoke, steam, and odors compared to a dedicated range hood. By replacing your otr microwave with a new kitchen hood, you can ensure better air quality in your kitchen and prevent the accumulation of unwanted smells.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: If you’re considering a kitchen remodel or updating your appliances, replacing an old otr microwave with a sleek new range hood can instantly transform the look of your kitchen. Range hoods now come in various designs and finishes that can match any style preference, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to your cooking area.
  3. Provide lighting: It provides enhanced lighting for your cooking space for enhancing visibility for cooking tasks.

Remember, when removing an over-the-range microwave for a new range hood installation, be sure to consult a professional to help ensure safe removal and proper installation. With their assistance, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying improved ventilation efficiency, enhanced cooking space, and an updated kitchen aesthetic!

Considerations before replacing the microwave hood with range hood

When considering replacing your microwave hood with a range hood, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Check if you have an existing duct or ventilation system. Range hoods require proper ducting to remove smoke, odors, and grease from your kitchen efficiently. If you don’t have a duct already installed, it may be necessary to hire a professional to ensure proper installation.

Another factor to consider is whether you want the range hood to vent outside or recirculate the air. Venting outside is more effective at removing pollutants but requires access to an exterior wall or roof for the ductwork. Recirculating hoods can be easier to install as no external venting is required, but they filter and circulate the air back into your kitchen.

Lastly, measure the space above your stove before purchasing a replacement range hood. Ensure that there’s enough room between the bottom of the cabinet and the stove top for proper clearance and safe cooking conditions. Additionally, check if there’s an interior vent hole already present in that space as this will make installation much simpler.

By considering these factors beforehand – having proper ventilation in place, deciding on venting options, and measuring available space – you can confidently replace your microwave hood with a functional new range hood that meets all your cooking needs while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Cost comparison:  otr microwave and range hood vent

Cost comparison:  otr microwave and range hood vent

When it comes to choosing between a kitchen hood vent and a microwave hood, one crucial factor to consider is the cost. While microwaves with built-in hoods are generally cheaper upfront, they may not be as cost-effective in the long run.

Range hoods effectively remove smoke, odors, and grease from your kitchen by venting them outside. With their powerful motors and high cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings, kitchen hoods ensure optimal air quality in your cooking space.

Microwave hoods, on the other hand, typically have lower CFM ratings and may not adequately expel all the pollutants from your kitchen. This could result in lingering odors and grease buildup over time, leading to potential maintenance costs down the line.

Additionally, replacing a broken microwave might require purchasing an entirely new unit with an integrated hood, which can be more expensive compared to simply install the range hood.

Investing in a new kitchen hood might seem costly at first glance but considering its ability to efficiently remove airborne contaminants from your kitchen while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your space makes it worth every penny spent.


It is possible to replace an over-the-range microwave with a range hood. By doing so, you can improve the ventilation in your kitchen and eliminate odors and smoke more effectively. Additionally, a range hood offers more power and flexibility when it comes to cooking. Before making the switch, make sure to measure the space available and consider any necessary modifications. Overall, replacing your microwave hood with a range hood can be a beneficial upgrade for your kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen today for better ventilation and cooking experience!

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