What Is The Minimum Distance From Gas Cooktop to Range Hood?

When it comes to gas cooking, safety is a priority. Installing a gas cooktop and range hood correctly can be a tricky process. Especially when determining the minimum distance from gas cooktop to the range hood.

Without proper ventilation, smoke and fumes from your stovetop may linger in your kitchen. To ensure that your home remains safe and healthy, it is important to follow recommendations for how far away the range hood needs to be from the burners on your gas cooktop.

Here is a table that represents all the distances you need to maintain for various range hoods and situations.

Range Hood Installation Table
Range HoodsMinimum Distance from Gas CooktopAdditional Notes
Up to 600 CFM24 inches (61 cm)This is the standard minimum for smaller, less powerful hoods.
600-900 CFM30 inches (76 cm)A mid-range CFM rating requires a bit more distance for optimal efficiency.
900+ CFM36 inches (91 cm)High-powered hoods need the most distance to ensure safety and performance.
Local Building CodesTypically 24 inches (61 cm)Always check local codes as they may have specific requirements.
Outdoor Kitchens24-30 inches (61-76 cm)Similar to indoor setups, but always consider the outdoor environment’s effect on ventilation.
General Recommendation24 inches (61 cm) for a 30-inch hoodThis is a commonly suggested safe distance for many kitchens.
General Recommendation30 inches (76 cm) for a 36-inch hoodLarger hoods generally require more clearance.

Factors for Minimum Distance

There are several factors that determine the optimum minimum distance between a gas cooktop and range hood. Such as CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratings, size of range hood, and number of burners in your stovetop. The higher the CFM rating, the farther away you can have your gas cooktop from the range hood.

What should be the distance according to your range hood’s CFM (cubic feet per minute)?

The CFM of a range hood determines how powerful of an exhaust system it is. And therefore how far away it should be from the gas cooktop. Generally speaking, if your range hood has a CFM rating of 600 or less, then it should be placed at least 24 inches above the stovetop.

If you have a more powerful range hood between 600-900, then the ideal distance would be 30 inches from the cook top. And if your range hood has a CFM rating of 900 or higher, then it should be placed at least 36 inches above the stove top.

What should be the distance according to your vent hood size?

What should be the distance according to your vent hood size?

Most experts recommend that a 30-inch range hood should be at least 24 inches away from a gas cooktop. While a 36-inch range hood should be at least 30 inches away. This will ensure that your cooking space is getting the optimal level of air circulation.

What should be the distance according to the number of burners you use?

What should be the distance according to the number of burners you use?

Generally speaking, if you have four or fewer burners on your cooktop, the recommended distance is 24 inches from the front of the range hood to any part of your cooktop. If there are five or more burners, however, then this distance should be increased to 36 inches for optimal results.

In both cases, it’s important that there is ample space between your range hood and gas cooktop. So that steam and smoke can easily escape without being redirected back onto the stove surface.

Building Code Considerations for ideal range hood height

It’s important to know the local building codes for the minimum distance from the cooktop to hood. This can help ensure that your kitchen is safe and up-to-code.

In most cases, local building codes require that there must be at least 24 inches of space between the top of the gas cooktop and the bottom of range hood. This ensures that there is enough clearance for proper ventilation, as well as adequate space for pots and pans.

It’s also important to note that if your gas cooktop has a higher BTU rating than 15,000 BTUs, then you may need to increase this distance even more. Usually up to 30 inches.

What should be the overall minimum distance from gas cooktop to range hood?

The ideal minimum distance between your gas cooktop and top of the range hood should be no less than 24 inches in maximum cases. This will ensure that the capture area of the hood has sufficient space to capture all cooking fumes released during food preparation activities. If you have a more powerful or larger sized range hood, then this distance may need to be increased accordingly.

What should be the overall maximum height for a range hood?

When deciding what the overall maximum height for a range hood should be, there are several factors to consider. The bottom of the hood should ideally be no more than 30 inches above your range or cooktop. This will ensure that your range hood is working efficiently and capturing fumes and smoke effectively.

To determine eligibility for a wall-mounted ceiling hood, measure the distance from the cooking surface to the cabinet above it. If you mount your range hood too high, it can reduce its efficiency and cause grease buildup on kitchen surfaces near it.

In general, as long as you have measured correctly and taken into account all necessary factors. Such as distance from countertop to underside of cabinets-you can install your range hood at any height depending on preference and space available in kitchen layout.

How high should an outdoor range hood be from the stove?

When it comes to outdoor kitchen safety, having an outdoor range hood installed at the proper height is essential. The ideal distance between the stove and the range hood should be between 24 and 30 inches for optimal performance. With that being said, there is some flexibility depending on the size of your stove and/or range hood.

Fortunately, most manufacturers provide guidelines on what this minimum distance should be when installing their products. Typically, they recommend a minimum clearance of 24 inches from the bottom of the hood to the top of the cooktop and 36 inches from the side or front of cooktop to any combustible material such as walls or cabinets.

So there is no significant differences between outdoor and indoor range hood in terms of distance between the rnage hood and the cooktop.

Some case studies where the range hood was not mounted at the ideal height

Case Study 1: The Low-Hanging Hazard

In a recent kitchen renovation, a homeowner decided to install a high-CFM range hood only 20 inches above their professional-grade gas cooktop.

Despite warnings, they insisted on this height for aesthetic reasons. Within weeks, the intense heat from the cooktop caused discoloration and warping of the range hood’s exterior.

The proximity also posed a fire hazard, as the powerful burners could easily ignite grease accumulated in the filters. The homeowner had to face additional costs for replacing the damaged unit and endured a prolonged renovation process to correct the mistake.

Case Study 2: The Ineffective Aspirator

Another case involved the installation of a ducted range hood 40 inches above a standard residential cooktop.

The range hood is mounted at an excessive height severely impairing the hood’s ability to capture and vent smoke and odors.

The homeowners complained of lingering food smells and a haze of smoke that would often set off their smoke detectors. 

A subsequent inspection revealed that the hood’s suction was ineffective at this height, and the installation did not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. The range hood had to be reinstalled at the correct height, incurring additional costs and inconvenience to the family.

These case studies underscore the importance of following manufacturer guidelines and local building codes when installing range hoods. Ignoring these can lead to not only ineffective ventilation but also potential safety risks and increased costs due to the need for adjustments or replacements.


It is important to know the minimum distance from gas cooktop to range hood when installing either of these appliances. This will ensure your safety and allow you to make the best use of both appliances. Knowing this distance can help you shop for a new range hood or cooktop, as well as plan a remodel of your kitchen. Additionally, it can give you peace of mind knowing that your cooking space is up to code and safe for your family and friends.

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